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Need help! Supperrewards/Paymentwall ips board implement.


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Hi there,


Is there any coding Guru that can explain how to make my code work in the ips board.


var widgetHtml = '<iframe src="http://wallapi.com/api/subscription/?key=237dfg2345237487203jsx&uid=[USER_ID]&widget=p10_1" width="750" height="800" frameborder="0"></iframe>'

function getUid() {
 var uid = document.getElementById('userId').value;
 if(!uid) {
  alert('Please enter your Accounts id');
 else {
  widgetHtml = widgetHtml.replace('\[USER_ID\]', uid);
  document.getElementById('pwWidgetContainer').innerHTML = widgetHtml;
  document.getElementById('uidForm').style.display = 'none';


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