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Default font size to database


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That doesn’t sound right. Why would you want to interfere with the settings?

If you want your articles bigger, you would style the articles on a theme level, not force font-height styling into each and every article. 

If you want just a part of the article bigger, you can also do that via CSS (e.g. “just the first paragraph”) or you would create a separate “teaser field” just for that text. 

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5 hours ago, ehren. said:

#elCmsPageWrap article .ipsType_normal{ font-size: 16px; }


Weird, that doesnt change font size, but raise the line spacing




fixed, thanks!


#elCmsPageWrap article .ipsType_normal
 font-size: 16px; 
 line-height: 1,5;


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