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[PAID] Favorite Emoticons


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I'm looking for a developer to hire to create an application/plugin that allows member groups with permissions to select and save their favorite emoticons, and (if possible) upload their own emoticons.

Select and Save Favorite Emoticons:

  • Member Group permissions: Who can save favorite emoticons
  • Member Group permissions: Who can upload their own emoticons (based on max: File type, file size, and file dimensions set in ACP)
  • Member Group permissions: Who can edit, remove, add user emoticons (in ACP, and from Profile if possible)
  • User settings located in Account settings (unless there's a better place). The Favorite Emoticon settings will list all of the available emoticons and users can select which emoticons to display as their defaults. As an option users can select "See All" to view all of the emoticons available (if possible)
  • Favorite Emoticon Categories (and if possible, users can create their own emoticon categories
  • Favorite Emoticon Categories can be sorted by click and drag (of by other means if better)
  • Favorite Emoticons can be sorted by click and drag (of by other means if better)


Fee is negotiable. :lol:


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