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Message Remains in the Contact Form

Ford Doctor

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I am running IPS on a test version of my website to set it up, familiarize and rewrite my content and I am  testing the Contact Us form and performing a test message. The form works as it should, I get the message and the form returns to the "Message Sent" page and I return to the landing page after clicking the link. But whenever I return to the Contact Us page and form I see the message I previously sent still in the text box even after a day. I would like to know why this happens. I am assuming this could be a browser thing but any other forms I have used/use and tested do not exhibit this behavior.  If you want to test it for yourself from your location http://www.forddoctorsdts.com/ips4TEST/contact/

Browsers Tested:

  • Firefox 53.0.3
  • IE 11.413
  • Safari 5.1.7 
  • Edge
  • Untested on Chrome 


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