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  1. I resolved the concern by simply recreating the page and then switching that to be my home page. But I do thank you for offering help.
  2. I set my home page to use the Page Builder for content. I just put an embed code in a text widget and it broke the page - some content won't load, sidebar is gone but most importantly the page builder button is missing so I cannot see the box to determine if the code is partially missing or to delete the content outright. If I go to the control panel I am only given the option of going to the page to edit. Is there a workaround for this? I don't mind diving into the database but I don't know where to look. I suppose if all fails I could delete the page and create anew one if all else fails. The rest of the site is not affected.
  3. I love this widget and rely on it but what is with the 15 video limit? Can this be bypassed?
  4. So I just upgraded from IPS v4.4.9 to IPS v4.5.4.2 and I expected some plugins to no longer function or require updating. I removed this plugin and reinstalled the latest available download. The widget boxes show up and I can place them in a page and edit them... once all is saved and the page is refreshed - the output is missing. Any suggestions? I really find this plugin useful and kinda need it not... I'm hooked!
  5. Fixed it, but I still would like to know if there is a setting or back-end workaround for situations like this one. What I did was to add "NoScript" plugin to Firefox and then disabled the script that was causing the issue... it helped to know what script it was but the plugin enabled you to disable all scripts it detects so if you are not sure, that capability gives you the power to eliminate them one by one until identified. Hope this helps someone that finds them self in the same predicament. 😉
  6. I was playing around with some YouTube embedding and locked up my home page Page Builder and now I cannot edit blocks. I assume this is because of the code I entered or a script that it calls and only affects the Home page I inserted it into as I can edit all other pages normally. There has to be a way to either turn off the page builder or manually edit the page. Any suggestions?
  7. Which I think stinks. I have been wanting to run a poll on the front page of my site and allow anyone to view and participate in it. I can make a poll and put it put it there but the only people that can vote... are members. So not I am checking out 3rd party poll scripts that I can run and embed. I would think that this functionality would be simple to employ with IPS or even a plug-in for crying out loud. 😞
  8. I am trying to update to version 4.4.4 but step 2 fails. Asks me to manually enter Invision Client Area Email Address and password and it fails every time. Yes, I went to the client area and logged in with the same credentials so I know it's not me! Anyone experience this or should I just ignore this and wait for 4.4.5?
  9. I have quite a few forums and I want to change some permissions settings for groups. For example I want to change the Guests group permission to be able to read all forums. I do not see any way to to do this or am I not seeing it? It looks as though I have to go into each forum individually and change and save the permissions one at a time.
  10. Yes, you are confused and you are over thinking this. I have easily accomplished my goal and it is working properly.
  11. The short of it is I have several websites and I want ALL OF THEM in their own sub-directories for simplicity. Call me OCD. With anything substantial like IPS in the root along with other sites in sub directories it can become confusing and make backing up a little more difficult. It is working with the redirect my host provided just fine and my URL is no different than if IPS was in the root. Like any other time you set up your IPS installation, you have to set the URL and the path's correctly. In this case the redirect also takes care of the URL and setting the path keeps it all working. The instructions for this are the top question in their (host's) FAQ's which leads me to think I am not alone on this however we don't know what reason others have for doing this are. 😉
  12. New host says use redirect in the .htaccess in the root.
  13. Yes, I read the guide and I made a practice move without any issues. I get the moving into the sub directory and editing my paths in the configuration file but my domain, being the main domain for my host points to the root directory. That is what needs the workaround as for most hosts do not let you configure where the domain points to as is possible with all of my sub-domains.
  14. I will be moving to a new host. I want to install my entire IPS suite into a sub-directory. How is this done?
  15. If you were replying to me phpinfo shows zip enabled.
  16. Unfortunately this does not work for me. I have tried it on my live site running v4.2.8 and my test forum running v4.3.x. I tried turning off all other plugins. Any other suggestions? I am self hosted on Lunarpages. I have been wanting thins feature for a long time and really want to fix this!
  17. I purchased this a week ago and installed it on Invision Community v4.2.5 - not working. I DID disable all other plugins just to see if that helps but no, doing so had no affect. I also do not need this to work for quick registration but this plug in is perhaps one of the most important ones I have if it worked! The plugin description makes absolutely no mention of version compatibility. Apparently I wasted $6+
  18. You would think it would have been too obvious but I had been running Safari in Private mode continuously. Problem solved. .
  19. So I am new to Version 4 and I have been visiting my site and forums regularly with my smart phone. When I log in I check the Remember Me box assuming that I would stay logged in, but I don't. If I close my web browser (Safari) or put my phone to sleep and then come back I am no longer logged in. So is this an issue with IPS4 or my phone? Even when I was still using IPS3 it did not keep me logged in. I am not aware of any settings on my iPhone but that does not mean that there aren't any that could affect this. Anyone have a suggestion?
  20. Thank you for replying - I discovered that and did just as you recommended however I failed to realize that rebuilding would take longer than I gave it when I checked to see if it worked. Day later I rechecked and the pictures are back to full size.
  21. So I finally upgraded my suite to 4.2X from 3.4. I have noticed that images in forum posts went from being full sized to now being thumbnails after the upgrade. Making new posts the images are full sized however so something happened during the process. Is there a way to return all of those images in posts to full size?
  22. I have just realized that when placing an image in a block for example, the text that accompanies it will display in line and vertically centered and when the text line breaks to fit in the block it continues UNDER the image. Are there any tricks and options to forcing text wrapping in blocks and the WYSIWYG Editor? I suppose I could go with raw HTML and create my own CSS but I am trying to get away from that as much as possible and use the built in suite functions.
  23. I determined that I had either made a change in global template or there was something I probably did not change after a version update.
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