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Unsubscribe from All E-mail Option


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Relates to my post here:

What we've been able to determine is that if a user had either of these options turned on in the notifications page:


Automatically follow content

  • Automatically follow new content I post
  • Automatically follow content I reply to

it can generate a very lengthy list of content on the /followed/ page.

There is no way to mass unsubscribe from all followed content - you have to go to say https://invisioncommunity.com/followed/ and use the top right button to click "Select row based on type: All" and page by page change to either unfollow or don't send notifications. There is no way to select all on every page at once. While unintentional, some users have generated many many many pages of followed content.

The use case is where a user feels they are getting too many e-mail digests and they want to change from daily to weekly, or unsubscribe entirely. There is no "one button" solution which from a users perspective is not ideal - they want to just be able to say "hey i don't want any more e-mail about content here" and I have to either manually login as them and go to their /followed/ page and go page by page doing the unfollow/do not notify, or else provide them instructions on how to do that.  In their view, unchecking all instances of e-mail on https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/options/ should totally disable e-mail from the forum, but it doesn't as long as they still have content on /followed/.

What would be ideal as a solution to all e-mail issues with users is just a single option to stop all e-mail from the forum (except account transactional type e-mail to deal with password resets, etc) where it automatically disables all e-mails relating to previously followed content (with an option to have it set to notification list only) and does whatever else needs to be done so they stop getting e-mail which they view as "spammy" (even though they made the choice to follow content). 

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I also see this came up before.

I admit I also don't understand why e-mail digests wouldn't follow the notification rules on the notifications page.

If I follow a bunch of stuff but decide I am fine with notifications only coming through the notification list, I currently do not understand how I would go to previously followed content and turn e-mail digests off and cause it to follow my notifications page settings. Would you have to unfollow everything, and then re-follow so those items pick up the current notifications page settings (which would be no e-mail, notification list only)?

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I’d love this option for my users as well. GDPR says unsubscribing needs to be easy. One button for this seems easy. Navigating through pages And options isn’t. 

When I want to stop emails from a site, I want one button. Thus, I want this for my users. 

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