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Redesign the header on mobiles - idea from twitter app


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My twitter updated today and the menu changed at the top, i have always disliked the top of the forums since 4.0 it's too big and really no need for the double header. Twitter have done this


Can it not look like that on our forums?

a mini logo could work when swiped left you can have the menu items that you normally get on the right. and to the right you can have the create new content icon along with new content. Search can be placed inside menu when swiped left

home could work as the back button does now

It may not be completely suitable but my point is it really needs to be improved, said this a few years ago though.


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Looks good and all, but apps are more responsive to scroll and touch compared to websites online. I mean even our current mobile menu lags sometimes on my iPhone 6.

Nevermind, just realised it's on the web and not an app. Works well.

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