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Email Registration whitelist


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As i running Ips 4.1,I desire to implement on my site an email Registration whitelist, that every mail address thet predefined by me, and appear on that list will be acceptable for registration.

All  the other emaill addresses,will be blocked automatically .

Does there is any plugin for that ? can you please guide me how to do it ?

Many thanks.

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Not that I know.

Though you could probably check the email adress using the "rules" application and block the user.



The rule should be simple, but you won't be able to prevent registration from happening.
After accepting the registration, then you should create the rule that blocks the user for not having the right email. You could send him a notification or a private messaging and add him to a group that does not allow him to do anything, but changing his email and contacting the admin. User might be able to log in, but without permission to view the forums.

You could also create another rule to reactivate the account when the user has changed the email for a valid one. 

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