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Topic's Forum Title in Hover Over


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I'm trying to edit the recent posts sidebar to include in the hover over "title" tag the forum in which the topic is posted.  In the example below, the Forum Title would replace the Topic Title in the "title=" tag.


{{if !empty( $topics ) }}
	<h3 class='ipsWidget_title ipsType_reset'>{$title}</h3>
		<div class='ipsWidget_inner latest_posts hot_spot'>
			<ul class='ipsDataList ipsDataList_reducedSpacing'>
				{{foreach $topics as $topic}}
					<li class='ipsDataItem{{if $topic->unread()}} ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}}{{if $topic->hidden()}} ipsModerated{{endif}}'>
						<div class='ipsDataItem_main'>
							<a href="{$topic->url()->setQueryString( 'do', 'getNewComment' )}" title='{lang="view_this_topic" sprintf="$topic->title"}' class='ipsDataItem_title ipsType_break'>{wordbreak="$topic->title"}</a>


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