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Searching by custom fields in IP.Downloads


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This currently appears to be a legacy feature that has been lost with recent updates (that or I am just missing it).

You can create custom fields with the option of making them searchable,

But there are no options for filtering search results based on these fields anywhere on the Advanced Search page for files. Even when filtering by the specific categories with custom fields defined, no search fields are presented,

Searching by custom fields adds a lot of complexity to the search system for sure, but it is an extremely powerful feature for large communities that heavily utilize IP.Downloads. Being able to filter by things such as version compatibility, operating system, so on and so forth, can be imperative.

I think that Integrating this into the "Content Search" tab is probably not practical, but I believe IP.Downloads is complex enough of an application to have its own "File Search" tab to make use of these advanced searching capabilities.

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Welcome to the club: 

That happens with all apps that uses extra fields since 4.0.0.

I really thought it would be in 4.2 bur it isn't. Funny because Clubs has a nice and simple solution to filter extra fields; it could be applied to the model. It filters records in the club view, something like the Pages database widget, which is a quick solution and works.

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