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Way to make CK Editor bigger?


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I'm often making really long posts, and want to see more of the editor. In particular, to make it longer so it shows further down the page. I know it does it automatically if you paste or type enough stuff but it would be nice to increase it a few hundred pixels as default.

Is it possible?

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EDIT:  I had proposed a ckeditor resize command to resize the edit box , but it turns out it involves the ckeditor resize plugin so more involved than just a quick javascript command.  I'll leave the first part of my comment to show that you can get to the ckeditor box and do stuff if you want to mess with it.  You might be able to research resizing ckeditor and find a way, but I think because the editor is in "inline" mode there is no way to adjust...

I've put stuff directly in the ckeditor box (topic/posts) with jquery/javascript added to the template using:

$( document ).ready(function() {


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