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Creating Accounts in Dev Mode (IPS Spam Service Kicking In)


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I have a test board, and I am creating an App for my business that I would like to manage through IPB.  I am creating accounts for testing, however the IPS Spam Service eventually kicked in (after about 15 account creations).  Now, when I disabled the spam service I get an error saying "account has already been created" even though the account does not exist before I hit "Create my Account".  However, the account is added after I hit "Create my Account" but the front end screen shows the error in which I took a screenshot of.  I believe the error screen is loaded from the function "_createMember".

Account creation was working fine before the spam service kicked in.  When I disabled the spam service, this is when I get the error now.  Does anyone have any idea what may be happening, and how I can resolve this?  Also, when I turn off "Dev Mode", account creation works as normal.


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