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Disable "Unlike this" function

Ioannis D

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Open your theme’s HTML: core → front → global → reputation

Remove this whole part that contains the “unlike”

{{if $content->canGiveReputation( -1 )}}
<a href='{$content->url( 'rep' )->setQueryString( 'rep', -1 )->csrf()}' data-action="giveReputation" class='ipsButton ipsButton_like ipsButton_veryLight'><i class='fa fa-times'></i> <span class='ipsHide' data-role='repCount'>{$content->reputation()}</span> {lang="unlike"}</a>


Also: core → front → global → reputation_mini

{{if $canRepDown}}
<a href='{$giveRepUrl->setQueryString( array( 'rep' => -1, 'mini' => 1 ) )->csrf()}' data-action="giveReputation">{lang="unlike"}</a>


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