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Rebuilding my search index doesn't work


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I've had this issue for years - I've tried rebuilding the search index several times, plus IPB often does this as a background process when a new version is out but it does not fix the issue.

My problem is I can't search for the word looking. I've checked in SQL & there's tonnes of results:

SELECT * FROM `ibf_forums_topics` where title like '%looking%' returns 275 threads

SELECT * FROM `ibf_forums_posts` where post like '%looking%' returns about 17k results.

Is there any setting I may be missing which might be restricting certain words from being searched?

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51 minutes ago, jcdesign said:

You have to remove "stopword" in .cnf file in mysql at your server.

ft_stopword_file = ""

and restart server and rebuild search index again.


At my site there is no problem to search word like that.

Lifesaver! All this time I was blaming IPB thinking the search function was rubbish, and it was my own incompetencies in server administration. :lol:

Thanks so much - working perfectly now, even for 3 letter words too! :thumbsup:

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