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I have had a Lifetime license which was converted to standard license when IPB 4.x was out. I have been offered an account credit instead of free upgrade which has now expired. I was fine with no updates, but the problem is that there are now security patches in current updated version which I cant apply without renewing my license.

It seems unfair to me that you are leaving customers without active license off of security patches. Basically it means that I should either renew the license or let anyone hack my forum. That also means that those servers could become a threat to other internet websites, if someone hack and take control over them.
I haven't seen any company leaving customer, even those without active license, without security patches.
Is this your official policy?

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This has been covered both in your support request and other topics. IPS4 does not release individual security updates, we require an upgrade. As you've noted, upgrades do require an active license. Most clients prefer to keep their installations secure and up-to-date and thus active anyway, so this is not an issue that one necessitates a separate development process solely for expired licenses. 

I know you're frustrated over your lifetime license. As noted in the ticket, you bought a license 13 years ago for $150 and had over a decade of updates and support, well beyond what most companies provide. When we decided to create the IPS4 platform, we made a generous offer to early adopters in the form of a $100 credit, which you accepted. This essentially means you got 13 years of product usage and development, but what amounts to a new $200 license for $50. I'm sorry for your disappointment, but I feel you've been adequately compensated for your loyalty and taken care of. If you would like further updates, including security updates, you will need to renew your license. It's still an incredible value for what you're getting. :)

This has been discussed before and our policy has been made clear. If you have further concerns, you are welcome to update your ticket. 

Thank you.

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