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Slash through Banned Usernames


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Is there any application or plugin with this feature already available on other forums platforms?

The idea is will modify the output so that banned users appear throughout the forum with a slash through their name, like so.

It should cover every area of the forum.




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1 minute ago, sweethoney said:

oh ok you all so have account deactivation is that a mod or its in the addmin

thats a mod that is currently been removed from the MP... but I do have a suggestion made here : https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/431951-account-deactivation/?do=findComment&comment=2650913 

as of posting this is marked as Engineering and Internal Review.    (so from what I read just needs to be made more demand lol)

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10 hours ago, DSystem said:

@Sabiza Can you help me out here?

I see you have this feature in your forum.

lol I didn't even notice we've got it on the forums. It's old settings from vBulletin where we had <s> </s> tags on banned users. Have no idea about this on IPB, sorry.

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