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  1. And you guess that the community forums provide you any kind of privacy? I suppose your answer is also applicable for any website with cookies.
  2. You can always have a fake profile... this point is not valid at all.
  3. Make sure that all files were successfully replaced by the new ones. I also had some issues with this in the past.
  4. Hello, I currently upgraded to 4.2 and I cannot find strings for new reactions which were added to the system. I tried to search for "react" in the admin but I get the return "nothing_to_show". Where I can find all strings related to new reactions? thanks.
  5. What kind of news is going to be available just for Forums license people? Everything looks so great but I've got just the forums license.
  6. What is a point of this? We've got a soft delete button (hide) anyway.
  7. lol I didn't even notice we've got it on the forums. It's old settings from vBulletin where we had <s> </s> tags on banned users. Have no idea about this on IPB, sorry.
  8. Looks nice but we will see what will actually happen. There is nothing specific in the article so all the improvements can be just new colors.
  9. Awesome, my forums also removed the license key and I am not able to activate it as long as I am getting the error code "The license key supplied is not valid. Please check the provided key and try again or contact IPS technical support for more assistance."
  10. Step 2 - Sign In The license key is not valid. Please contact account assistance. Awesome. What I am supposed to do? My key is valid for 3 another months...
  11. I am running on HTTPS for a longer time but I still got a warning with is caused by the images. I tried to use the proxy settings you are recommending in the article but nothing happen. Should I open a ticket for this? I don't want to annoy the customer support with this kind of issue.
    Very useful and easy to use plugin. Thank you!
  12. You are the best. Thank you very much!!!
  13. Hello guys, I've got a question about the editor I use on my forums. I am not sure what I have done, where I can change it or if I did something wrong during the theme editing but the editor on my forums looks like ... I tried to restore the editor in Admin settings but nothing changed. Any idea?
  14. What will happen to renewal price in the future? I am currently paying $25 per 6 months - this was one of the reasons we agreed with other people to buy license. Should we expect any large price increase?
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