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Database "featured" status to forum


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So I am using a few separate databases to input unique data so I can include it within pages along with those new fields I want to collect and present.

I am placing a copy of the entry into a Forum section so I can collect comments for the users concerning the DB entry.

The problem I am having is that when we create the DB entry and select, locked, pinned, featured, or hidden, these statuses only seem to apply to the entry as it is in the DB.  None of these statuses transfer to the forum version that is creates.  Maybe this is how it was intended to work, but I cant see why I would want the presentation linked, but in a different state?


Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I have tried to get new items as featured during the entry, or just after via an edit.  The only way I can feature the entry within the forum is to separately edit each one later.


Any ideas?

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Not really - you've described how it works. The statuses apply to the item you create, not the forum item that is created after that. To change that you would probably need to get busy with the coding, or ask a dev to develope a plugin or see if there is one already (maybe 'Rules' can handle it?) or pop a request in the product feedback forum asking for the status to work for both the pages entry and the forum entry.

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