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Need a Wordpress to IPB cross posting plugin (anyone else?)

Shawn Tierney

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Good morning Customization Requests forum reader!

I need a plugin that will crosspost new Wordpress posts to IPB Forum Topics (with a link back to the Wordpress post,) with comments on said Wordpress posts actually being the replies to the forum topic (i.e. use IPB replies in place of Wordpress comments.)

No comment syncing or SSO is needed as IPB will be used for all comments.

Note - There was an excellent and free plugin for IPB 3 by Coding Jungle which did this, but nothing for IPB4 that I can find - please reply with link if I'm wrong.

Note - On one of my other websites I use an Wordpress cross posting and commenting connector for vB 4 (works with 5 too) that runs just $25 and works really well, but can't find anything like this for IPB v4

So my requests / questions are:

- Is there a plugin like this for IPB4 that I missed? (Note - IPBWI does not do this)


- Are there any developers out there who could create this custom code, or could port the coding jungle ipb v3 code?


- Does anyone else want a plugin like this? If we get enough backers we could hire the vB connector author to port it to IPB.

Thanks in advance for your replies :-)


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2 minutes ago, opentype said:

The option to import RSS feeds into the forum does that right away, including the back link. I use that on one of my sites. 

Thanks for your reply!

That is definitely an option, but unlike the IPB v3 Coding Jungle code I used previously, and the vB plugin I use now, I don't get to choose the forum when creating the wordpress post, and I don't get replies to the post showing on the original Wordpress post.

That said, if there's no hope for this plugin I may use your suggestion as a last resort as it is far better than having nothing!

Thanks again!


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10 minutes ago, Shawn Tierney said:

… I don't get to choose the forum when creating the wordpress post

Also doable. Just install a free WordPress plugin that outputs an RSS feed based on categories or tags and then you can set up multiple imports to feed different forums. 

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14 hours ago, MeMaBlue said:

its very good, i read it, and absolutely no doubt about the price itself (and the value),  but why is the renewal so expensive (a bit more than whole ipbs itself) !??


The renewal is optional :) as you can use the plugin on as many sites as you own, the renewal is meant for those users who have more sites with IPBWI active and don't mind to renew for that price for premium support. As IPBWI provides a solution for a very small market but without lack in quality, prices are higher to allow that product at all.

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