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  1. I agree the IPS support forums could use more active clients willing to help, and I will continue to attempt to add any advice I can like I have this morning. That said, sometimes bumping a topic (like I did with this topic) is the only way to get it noticed, and as long as it's not abused by bumping too often or too many times I believe it is ok :-) PS - I love "positive" memes like that
  2. Great question, Awhile back I wanted to display recent posts from one of my forums in my Wordpress site (on a page vs a widget) and found the RSS feed from my activity streams worked great! You can see an example at one of my sites here - http://casualadultgamers.com/ I wanted the feed to show up in the homepage, and after trying different RSS plugins I decided on FEEDZY RSS Feeds by b*web (which should also work for widgets?) If you're interested, the code I use on my page is below: [feedzy-rss feeds="http://newworldforums.com/discuss/index.php?/discover/30.xml" max="20" feed_title="no" target="_blank" title="50" meta="yes" summary="yes" summarylength="85" thumb="yes" default="http://CasualAdultGamers.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/04/CAG-Avatar-1201.jpg" size="50" ] Hope this helps, Shawn
  3. Since you asked I'll expand on my comment: Obviously some who buy IPB have questions and post their questions here (like me.) Many do so because they've found with other companies the user to user support is quicker than opening a ticket and waiting up to three days (or longer.) PLUS as webmasters many of us also consider the fact that if our question gets answered here in the public forums it might very well help other customers with the same question (or even our future selves if we forget the answer and have to look it up again.) And that can also have the side effect of reducing the number of support tickets for the vendor. With all that said, it is truly a shame IP doesn't have a single employee replying to posts like mine with something like, "I can confirm we had that feature in a previous rev but had to pull it - hope to add it back in a future rev" or something similar. Really, for someone "in the know" you're talking less than 30 minutes a day. Instead, many posts like this just go unanswered. Play the crickets wav and roll the animated tumbleweed gif. But that's just my opinion, you're free to have your own :-D
  4. Hey Nathan, Thanks for your reply and confirming the feature is missing. And yes, quite a few posts like this go unanswered (I find several everytime I search on an issue) which in fact does speak volumes about this forum. Sincerely, Shawn
  5. So I've run into this issue again, only to find no answers to my question after 9 months. I have to say I'm very surprised no one knows the answer to this? IPB = Great software, dead support forum :-(
  6. Shawn Tierney


    My users really enjoy their awards, but one thing I would like to request is the ability to delete rewards without entering the ACP. We have a league which gives out awards based on the number of wins a user has, and while the league manager has permissions to award the new medals to his league's members, I have to remove the old awards in the ACP. If this is already in the code or is added please let me know and I'll renew!
  7. Good morning, just purchased and using on 4.1.10, Works in acp and in new 4.1.10 themes, but when I try to change an existing post to be authored by one of my linked accounts, everything looks to work but it does not change? Any thoughts on why it would let me choose a new author, but not change when I click edit topic? Thanks in advance, Shawn UPDATE: Posting a new post as a linked account seems to work great, so only issue is changing existing posts.
  8. My apologies, the mistake was mine - also sorry for the delayed response - been working doubles
  9. I must be missing something as I can no longer choose which forums are polled when creating an activity stream in the ACP.. My exisitng streams work, but i need to add a new one which only polls certain forums, however the option is missing? I do see the new steam filter bar when I view the stream, but it only appears to allow me to save edited streams as new personal streams. What am I missing? I really need to edit my existing acp defined streams... Sincere thanks in advance, Shawn
  10. A picture of the block settings? I can post that later this morning (I've tried several different combinations)
  11. I just upgraded to 4.1.10 and this block is no longer filtering based in the forums I choose, no matter what I seem to choose - any suggestions? I checked to see if it was updated but I already have 1.04... Tried disabling and enabling, as well as re-adding blocks. Default IPB blocks are filtering based on forums without issue so I'm confused :-(
  12. I upgraded from 4.1.8 to 4.1.10 and now can't edit the forums new or existing activity streams poll from in the Acp? Am I missing something - I thought the list showed up right there with all the other settings? I need to create a new stream that only polls for activity from certain forums but the forum selection list is nowhere to be found? (php 5.6.20)
  13. I had this issue - no matter how many times I downloaded the new files from ipb and then uploaded them I always got this error. Eventually logging out of the acp and then returning brought a different upgrade prompt that worked great, except a two month old version of the Steam login plugin stopped my board from loading - even stopped the login handler section of the acp from loading. Finally found uploading the updated Steam plugin unlocked my board and I was able to disable the Steam plugin.
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