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  1. Hi! Does your app work with 4.3.6 version?
  2. Had the same. Helped only reinstall off app. That because of translation.../
    New nice look. Better then was. Thanks!
  3. Hello!

    While truing to add any item we got such error:


    5M149 / 1 We could not find the item you are trying to view.

    Please help what to do...(

    Problem like here...:

  4. @thejackal Could you please help with the error? App does't work at all 'cause of it...((
  5. Hi to all! Could anyone please tell what to do with this error? Author does not answer in PM(((...
  6. Liyu


    When you plan to start to support YouTube Live Streaming ?
    HellO! Do you plan to support Live Streams for Youtube?
  7. Liyu

    Template System

    Have just installed the app.. Created for blog set of fields (checkboxes). When I save post with checked checkbox does not appiers of front end. And then if I open editor I see that my checkbox not checked - , field value does not save at all. What it might be? tell please...(
  8. Liyu

    Template System

    But I still could add some prefilled fields to blog entry. Or no?
  9. Liyu

    Template System

    Could I add categories to Blog app with your app? I mean I need to give to users the ability to post to a number of categories and than to be able to sort blog posts by these categories...
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