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  1. I'm still supporting my addons here and I'll review the changes in IPS 4.3 to check whether my IPBWI addon will become obsolete or not. I am deep into eCommerce and of course German and European Tax rules. Actually, I've already created a payment gateway plugin for 5 WordPress eCommerce plugins and a mighty order export plugin for WooCommerce. I've just mentioned in my other topic, that IPS ecosystem does not engage to create a solid business model in selling addons on marketplace here. If you've already found a good developer, that's a good news and I wish you best success in your projects
  2. Just found this topic and want to add my view on this topic. @MarianHärtel seems your mail got lost somehow. Just send me a quick message through our contact form and I'll reply rapidly Concerning this topic, I've decided not to reply but make a more substantial statement in an extra topic. Feedback is highly appreciated.
  3. hope we will see here some improvement soon, as for large queries, we have a massive performance bottleneck using the API due to required query iteration. Hardcoded limits are so 2017...
  4. was never my intention to postulate this. Just wanted to explain that bad things happen to us app developers, but it has consequences in motivation and business decisions (positive and negative). Generally, if something is easy to develop, an app developer need to face that an app is going to be obsolete sooner or later. Of course, customization for customers helps here a lot, but I prefer building apps for everyone - based on customized features. You are right, there are features out there with a market existing with just one client, as it's too specific to be usable for other people out there. If you can reduce your app prices, as custom work gives you enough money back - cool! I appreciate the marketing effect of my apps, too, but a vibrant marketplace should be able to honor the effort of app developers on a monetary way through license sold, too.I would love to see your opportunities and great apps if you could live from the license fees. Same for myself. In some cases, you want to prepare posts or fire actions before submission - Great if you could check for permissions first before starting the engine.
  5. The REST API just provides information as needed. Checks to identify a user need to be done with IPS connected or within your app, e.g. by user-id, by email, loginname, displayname, cookies (set by your app) etc. My condolences If IPS is going to release forum management endpoints into core, I'll not start to complain everyday. But everything has consequences, as we all do business and try to get our daily meal on the table. Currently, IPS is taking care more than before for their third party app developers and I will not stop working on apps when some of them are going to be obsolote or banned from IPS marketplace (actually happened). Again, everything has consequences, e.g. in prices per license, amount of new high quality apps, etc. Of course we all can build new features just for fun, as technology study for our own websites or for pocket money. That works in some cases, in some not. There are cases where professional third party apps with high quality customer service have a need on market. Professional support requires a regular income. If all successful apps get replaced by IPS core sooner or later, your professioal third party developers with reliable service and support will bleed out. correct, but for security purposes, permissions should also be checked after form submission. You know...I can build such a form on a site on the fly with developer console or write scripts firing POST requests. Showing/Hiding forms based on permissions is a usability thing, checking for permissions after submission is a security thing
  6. I see no problem with authentication with IPS connect first - which gives me a valid user ID - and using that to retrieve data for the given user. Session management is up to your app and should not be part of REST API or IPS connect at all. Yeah, I agree that forum endpoints should have been part of the core. Since it wasn't available at all until I've provided that through my app, it's more a question about marketplace- and product strategies of IPS: If they would integrate features already done by third part app, it's a big demotivation for third party developers, as this is a signal that effort for developing such a feature can become obsolete within a year. Unfortunately, IPS is not giving any long-term feature forcasts. E.g. I've asked IPS whether there are plans to integrate an IPS slave manager into IP.board. Answer: it is planned, but no ETA. I've asked whether they won't develop that when I provide such a solution right now. Answer: No, they will release their feature anyway, but still no ETA. So that's why some urgently needed features are not available today, as I will not work for trashcan. e.g. if a form for a new post in a topic has been sent from your app, you don't need the full topic data to handle request, you just need to know whether the user can post and create it then.
  7. What's the lack here with IPS connect you feel confronted with? What should be changed/add to fit your needs with mobile apps? Not sure, but I think this can be said to every single feature request IPS has got in the last years: "This should be included, this is obligatory, why we need third party apps for a core feature like this." Don't forget IPS needs to maintenance new features in future - third party apps help IPS consider some tasks as "done". No need to reinvent the wheel, when there are enough other undone feature requests out there. Think your suggestion is correct, but I would prefer both ways, yours and mine, to allow the fastest / most convenient way in all situations.
  8. user authentication works with IPS connect perfectly, so I see no need to integrate that into REST API list categories and forums is available in my marketplace addon, even though I understand you prefer not to pay for a third party app for these endpoints and want them built into IPS REST API. But many customers would prefer new endpoints never available before instead of replacing features which are already available on market E.g. I would prefer endpoints for permissions, e.g. "can_read", "can_reply" by user_id - including permission group creation/deletion/edit at all. As this is some kind of complex, I would prefer IPS would take care for these endpoints. Many users out there want to get the great IPS permission system integrated into custom apps.
  9. Version 4.0.1


    Automatically synchronize WordPress' user roles with IPS community suite groups! No core files touched! Once you have mapped the WordPress user roles with IPS user groups of your choice, you will get IPS secondary usergroups synced with WordPress' user roles. Primary Group in IPS community suite remains untouched - this allows you to give users in IPS and WordPress extra permissions without showing them to public. You can map each WordPress user role to a unique corresponding IPS user group or map several WP user roles to the same IPS user groups - once a user group in IPS is removed or added from member, all mapped user roles from WordPress are synced instantly, too. Important Requirements: IPBWI for WordPress v4 installed on WordPress and IPS Community Suite Please note that we only test on most recent release version of IPBWI for WordPress v4. Documentation Bulk Sync/Import all members at once? This Group Sync addon works for all future changes. If you want to bulk sync or import existing IPS members to WordPress, you will need IPBWI4WP – IPS User to WordPress Import
  10. Version 4.0.2


    Replace WordPress' comment system with IPS discussion topics! No core files touched! With this plugin, you replace the whole WordPress' comment system - instead, IPS forum topics will be created upon first comment of a WordPress post. While the recent topics are displayed on WordPress, further discussion can unleash within your community suite. You are able to fully customize this plugin on update save ways, e.g. via a custom comment area template within your WordPress' theme or via language files and filters. While WordPress' Avatars are sitewide replaced by IPBWI for WordPress v4 core plugin, all comment authors will show their corresponding IPS member avatars, too. Important Requirements: IPBWI for WordPress v4 installed on WordPress and IPS Community Suite Please note that we only test on most recent release version of IPBWI for WordPress v4. Documentation
  11. was out for a week but glad to see @newbie LAC invested time for testing I've had the same controller error, but it's great to see this bug is going to be fixed
  12. When using the REST API, a GET request is quite easy as long as .htaccess based SEO URLs are activated, this URL string would work: /api/forums/topics?sortBy=date&sortDir=desc But with deactivated SEO friendly URLs, this string would work: /api/index.php?/forums/topics but this one not: /api/index.php?/forums/topics?sortBy=date&sortDir=desc So how should I add the extra GET variables without generating an 3S290/4 INVALID_CONTROLLER error?
  13. We offer nothing more than perfection. We develop business critical applications for our customers and are specialized to IPS (since IPB 2) and WordPress. With IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress we provide the technology to integrate your IPS apps into your site network way more you may imagine. sky is the limit We really love programming. We breathe the code and are dedicated to deliver highest quality development results to achieve your targets. customized Flawless, custom features which do exactly what you have imagined. secure We deliver best architected code to avoid any security issues where possible. project sizes Please note, that new customers should have a budget starting at 1.000 € to allow us delivering the quality expected. We want to dedicate our time to fulfill your needs. For smaller projects, we would recommend hiring other freelancers specialized on that size of projects.
  14. worked on a somehow not cleaned up upgraded IPB 4 version with some old files from 3.4... big thanks for your help here
  15. When trying to load ipsRegistry class and initiating it with the following code within an application's API file define( 'IPB_THIS_SCRIPT', 'public' ); require_once( realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../../').'/initdata.php' ); require_once( IPS_ROOT_PATH . 'sources/base/ipsRegistry.php' ); require_once( IPS_ROOT_PATH . 'sources/base/ipsController.php' ); \ipsRegistry::init(); I get the following error: file_put_contents(/var/www-test/ipb4/cache/skin_cache/system/emailWrapper.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory backtrace log: #0 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::errorHandler(2, 'file_put_conten...', '/var/www-test/i...', 135, Array) #1 /var/www-test/ipb4/admin/sources/classes/output/systemTemplates.php(135): file_put_contents('/var/www-test/i...', '<?php\n\nclass em...') #2 /var/www-test/ipb4/admin/sources/classes/output/systemTemplates.php(196): systemTemplates->write('emailWrapper', Array, '<!DOCTYPE html>...') #3 /var/www-test/ipb4/admin/sources/classes/output/systemTemplates.php(74): systemTemplates->writeDefaults() #4 /var/www-test/ipb4/ips_kernel/classDb.php(1851): systemTemplates->getClass('ipsDriverError') #5 /var/www-test/ipb4/ips_kernel/classDbMysqliClient.php(245): dbMain->throwFatalError('mySQL query err...') #6 /var/www-test/ipb4/ips_kernel/classDb.php(1125): db_driver_mysql->query('SELECT * FROM p...') #7 /var/www-test/ipb4/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(3133): dbMain->execute() #8 /var/www-test/ipb4/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(3049): ips_CacheRegistry::_loadCaches(Array) #9 /var/www-test/ipb4/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(2843): ips_CacheRegistry->init() #10 /var/www-test/ipb4/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php(580): ips_CacheRegistry::instance() #11 /var/www-test/ipb4/applications/ipbwi/api/members.php(200): ipsRegistry::init() #12 [internal function]: IPS\ipbwi\api\_members->POSTitem_updatePhotoByURL('30340') #13 /var/www-test/ipb4/system/Api/Controller.php(73): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #14 /var/www-test/ipb4/system/Dispatcher/Api.php(187): IPS\Api\_Controller->execute(Array, true) #15 /var/www-test/ipb4/api/index.php(13): IPS\Dispatcher\_Api->run() #16 {main} any idea?
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