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Ajax pagination and Adsense / e.g plugin?


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ajax pagination is a great thing, but it doesn't work with adsense. So IPS said:

AJAX is a technology which allows the content of the page changes dynamically without loading a new page. IPS Community Suite uses this in some areas, particularly when you move between pages. For example, if you are viewing content with more than one page, you will notice that when you move between pages, only part of the page changes, rather than a whole new page is loaded.

Google requires that advertisements be shown immediately when the page loads and not loaded using AJAX. This means that if you place advertisements somewhere that may be loaded with AJAX that you need to disable this feature in IPS Community Suite. To do this:

Is it possible to disable only ajax pagination for guests? Because I use Adsense only for non- members. A plugin, if it is not possible to do this with manual code changes, would be very useful.

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