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Recommendation for ALL apps/add-ons in Marketplace


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Suggest that ALL developers selling add-ons in the Marketplace add a separate page/tab/option that is visible in the ACP for their specific add on, titled Support

1.  If there is a READ.ME or other instructions for setting up and configuring the add-on, then link to it 

2. Provide a link to where you want all support requests directed.  Some developers support their products here in Marketplace topics, while others want you to go to the forums on their site.  Link to where you want the request to go.  

Quite often I remember the name of the developer but not their specific site, and I have to go back to the Marketplace, find their ap, and see if it tells me where to go for support.  Please make it easier for us to send requests where YOU want them to go.

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Then I guess I've just screwed up again.  I just posted two topics on the forum on your site titled General Support under the Classifieds category.

IMO, this just illustrates what I've recommended.  If an admin is trying to research/resolve an issue reported by their users, the first place they go is to the ACP to see if it is a settings issue or something.  Being able to contact the developer from the ACP -- wherever they want that request to go -- would be VERY useful.

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I have a support forum there for those who go there once a day. You can use if you want. All I ask and it is PRETTY clear in the file, is to post bugs there because is way more efficient and easier for me than try to track posts in a multi page support topic.

If you post it there, will be replied there. No problem.

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