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Forum doesn´t show Max file size


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19 minutes ago, JakubS said:

Alright, i found it.

You can set this in member Group settings.

Group settings -> Content -> Maximum storage space per item of content.


Group settings -> Content -> Total maximum storage space.



Doesn´t work for me. Only Shows Max. Total size.

Just now, JakubS said:

maybe becouse of that, that I am an Admin of site

I test it with a member account and doesn´t show the Max file size.

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This is message from Marc:




This will use the lower of that setting, and your maximum allowable upload size set within the PHP configuration. If you have increase that setting, then the only other place it can be is within your PHP configuration. You would need to contact your hosting company to increase this.

Kind Regards,
Marc Stridgen


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