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PunBB 1.3.4 to IPB 4.1.15


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Hi there,

read alot about migration but iam still unsure how to handle this:
I bought a new 4.1.15 license. Got a punBB 1.3.4 database. I was thinking that i could just import users, posts and topics to my IPS 4.1.15 without using the expensive migration service by using the free migration tool. Seems that it doesent support punBB 1.3.4... IPB 3.4.7 did - what i do not understand... what am i supposed to do?

My first thought was that i could download my old licenced Version of IPB 3.4.7 to import users, posts and topics and update the software later but they even dont offer the download anymore... instead i get forced to buy the renewal. I am pretty dissapointed as a multi-license holder. This situation pretty much sucks but i would be glad to have someone give me a hint what and how to do.

Thanks alot

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