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images being blocked in emails


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i notice images are not displaying in emails - when you view in html and then try and access the image by url you get a 403 error. is there any way around this?

maybe changing permissions on /img folder?


The website declined to show this webpage

 HTTP 403

Most likely causes:

  • This website requires you to log in.
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sorry should of had more detail.

i recd a notification for a Private Message and i couldnt see the 'user profile icons' but ive also just received your notification and i can see you!


I also did a test by adding my company logo to all outbound emails and this also didnt show up.


maybe a 'hotlinking' or permission setting on my end?

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Images are often hidden by default in email clients (also web-based ones) for security reasons. That’s why I don’t even send my site logo with my emails. 

But a server response (403) not to show the image is of course something else. It’s not a default behaviour of the IPS software, neither for avatars, theme images, attachments …Your uploads folder should be public of course. 

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