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SEO Tools & OG Image


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Hi there,

Is there a way to dynamically add the OG:image URL in the header of the page using pages without using the SEO tools? The SEO tools are not exactly dependable and not very user friendly. I want to use an image that is uploaded in pages for that specific entry ^_^ 

For who doesn't know what og:image is:

Facebook, and other tools show this image when sharing a page ^_^   Its extremely useful for articles.

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If you use the Record Image field, it will automatically populate the og:image field with the image uploaded to that field. 

Otherwise you can assign any meta tags (including Open Graph, Twitter Cards) like this from within the template. 

{{\IPS\Output::i()->metaTags['twitter:image'] = (string) \IPS\File::get('cms_Records', $record->record_image ) ->url;}}

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