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Database advice on removing members


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I'm not sure how it occurred, maybe when the switch was made from 3.4.9 to 4.0 and we stopped using separate login and screen names and the conversion of the names didn't go right. I have some members that have not been active in a while. They show up in the member list on the board, but if I search for them in the ACP they don't show (yes I checked to make sure I started fresh with the search in the acp list by exiting the acp and coming back in. . 

Using phpmyadmin and looking at the database under core members they appear there. 

I need a way to delete their content and then delete their account like we normally do from the acp list. As a test I went to the database on my test site and deleted the member from the core members, this removed them from the forum member list, but any posts they had are now marked as "Guest". I'm not good at sql syntax so I can't come up with anything to run in the tool as I would do more harm than good probably.

Am I missing some way that I can delete these members and their content that are in the forum member list, but don't show in the acp member list?


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Deleting members directly from your database is not a good solution. If you would have to manually resolve this via SQL or code, you should ideally create a script and utilize the built in-methods in \IPS\Member (system/Member/Member.php) to have the members and their content deleted.

But I guess it would be best to submit a ticket to IPS to investigate for you why they don't show in your admin CP.

But you are absolutely sure you're on the "All"-tab and don't have a filter active? 

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Thanks for the reply TSP, I double checked and the filter is set to "All" for the search and everyone with the same name shows up but the member. Then I can click the View Full List? link and look through the list of members and still don't see the member.


I will open a ticket as there are about 4 that I have run across like this so far.

I had a feeling that deleting them manually just form the core members table would not work, but tried it anyway just in can (on my test site)

Thanks again for the help.

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9 hours ago, Windwalker222 said:

A big thanks to support (Charles Warren) for finding a solution. If any of you run across this fluke, just use the "Global Search box" at the top right of your ACP it should then find the member in the ACP and you can work on editing them from there.

Thanks again to support!

oh, I bet it's because the users don't have an email listed on their account. I have the same issue if a user half way registers using a 3rd party login such as facebook/twitter/steam/etc.    no email, but have username, they wouldn't show up in the listing, but do show up fine when searched for.

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