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System APP Locked - Can't upgrade to a newer version!


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Wow, after i did that post here, a button over my forum appear (New version, click here to upgrade).

Someone from staff did it (with some external command or license manager (maybe)), or I did something of that fixed the problem?

App System still showing "locked" but this new button of (upgrade now) I'm able to upgrade.

If I did something to fix, I don't know what I did. At the last time, I put my file conf_global.php with write permissions. Is that maybe?


Thank you!

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I'm trying to upgrade since it is 4.1.13 but this "button" upgrade now never appear.

I think the button to upgrade should appear inside ACP over applications, but never appear.

And today, this appear not inside ACP, it appears over "Site" / Forum.

I click there and now upgrade is done!

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