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Allowing members of a certain rank to create subforums


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I'm not sure if the ACP permissions would allow that, but I would think very carefully about the impact that creating subforums on an as-needed basis would have.

I don't know what your use case for this would be, but unless you retired and removed subforums created in this manner on a regular basis, you could end up with potentially dozens of subforums (you may want this). Some users may find it difficult to find the subforum relevant to them if there are dozens of them to sort through. Another thing to consider is the last post in a subforum (I think) does not show up in the parent forum on the board index. Nobody would know a subforum had activity or was created unless they used the Activity feeds.

If a subject of discussion is that important to warrant its own subforum, then fine - but if you are approaching it from an organizational standpoint, it might be easier to create a topic per subject, and then instruct your users to post in the appropriate topic.

Just food for thought while you're waiting on an answer to your original question, which I am assuming you mean IPS 4.1.x and not the 3.4.x version.

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