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Adding Text to the Sign Up Form

Samantha Smith

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I'm hoping someone can help me with (what might be) a fairly obvious question.  I need to add some text to the sign up form on our site - but I want it to show as an "instruction" rather than being a field for the user to complete.  Is there any way of doing this?  I've tried various options within the Profile Fields but it seems as though anything I add there would need either a blank text box, check box, yes/no button etc.

The "instruction" text I want to add is "We regret that we cannot accept accept registrations from web mail accounts.  Please use your professional email address to register."

Any help will be greatly appreciated as this has been driving me nuts for the last few hours!

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There's no clean way of doing this in the stock install or in any plugins I find available in the Marketplace now. You could've used the language system to change text, but the problem in this case is the language strings on that page are all generic and there's no language string it would make sense to have it be added to. 

One option is to have someone make a plugin for it. Another option is to edit the theme template: core -> front -> system -> register (This would probably be the best approach right now (until a plugin is around), but it would require that you checked if it's necessary for you to manually update the template later with fixes that IPS does in the template)


A cheeky and a bit of a nasty way to "solve" it, could be to create a profile field like you tried. 

  • Deselect "Required?", "Member can edit value?" and "Show publicly on member's profile?" for it
  • Select "Show on registration page"
  • For the "Field Name", simply fill in "Register Description (Not visible)" or whatever (it will not be visible in the end)
  • Just keep "Text" for the field type
  • In the Description-field, fill in your text, if you want it to be a bit more visible, you could do: 
<div class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_info">We regret that we cannot accept accept registrations from web mail accounts.  Please use your professional email address to register.</div>
  • Identify the number ID of your profile field. This can be done by saving the profile field and then click the edit button to edit it again. Then retrieve the ID number from your browser address bar. It will be something like: yourcommunity.com/admin/?adsess=c41882e148b8b8fe88c7a8cfb35cc3b9&app=core&module=membersettings&controller=profiles&subnode=1&do=form&id=(Where 2 is the ID you're looking for, but it'll most likely be different for you)
  • Go to Customization -> Themes and click the button on your theme "Edit HTML and CSS" (icon looks like: </>)
  • Choose CSS-tab and open core -> front -> custom -> custom.css
  • Add the following CSS: 
body.ipsLayout_minimal form #core_pfield_2 label,
body.ipsLayout_minimal form #core_pfield_2 input
  display: none;

Remember to replace the number 2 with the ID of your profile field. This then ends up looking like this: 

Skjermbilde 2016-09-14 kl. 02.48.59.png


But I wouldn't really recommend that approach, for a couple of reasons.

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