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Email errors? Any one help me?


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Getting this error,


A test email could not be sent. Check the settings entered are correct or contact your hosting or SMTP provider for more information.

535 Incorrect authentication data


Also got an email from my host that says this,


This message is to inform you that we have detected spam emails originating from a
script in your account ??. The path to the script is given below:

To prevent our servers from getting blacklisted and impacting all the users on our
platform, we had to temporarily suspend outgoing email service for your account.

If this is your script, then you will need to either remove the script or limit the
message sending capacity of the script to the following:
? 200 messages per hour
? 2000 messages per day
? 100 recipients per execution

However, we have scanned your account and could not find malicious contents. Once
you have taken necessary action, please reply back to us with the confirmation so
that we can re-activate your account.


Anyone know how I can fix this and how I can limit the number of emails sent out?







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