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Moving forum domain to root instead of subdomain

The Skyforge

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Hello all. So I currently have a VPS running both WordPress and IPB.

My WP based site is set to www.theskyforge.com
My IPB forums are set to www.theskyforge.com/forums

I will be moving my WP site to another domain, but for now I would like to have www.theskyforge.com point directly to my forums.

What changes do I have to make to make this possible? Also since I have my WP site set as "www.theskyforge.com", can I simply change that in WordPress to point to say /home?

Thank you in advance.

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Well, after you've moved your site to another Domain. Just copy the files from the forum folder in the main folder (for me it's httpdocs). Then change in conf_global.php the base_url from http://www.theskyforge.com/forums to http://www.theskyforge.com/ (If you are using SSL (recommended) use https instead of http)

This is also very important: 


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