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  1. Hey guys. I recently migrated some database files and unfortunately for some reason my images and icons no longer show. Website: www.theskyforge.com Any ideas?
  2. Hello all. So I currently have a VPS running both WordPress and IPB. My WP based site is set to www.theskyforge.com My IPB forums are set to www.theskyforge.com/forums I will be moving my WP site to another domain, but for now I would like to have www.theskyforge.com point directly to my forums. What changes do I have to make to make this possible? Also since I have my WP site set as "www.theskyforge.com", can I simply change that in WordPress to point to say /home? Thank you in advance.
  3. This plugin doesn't really do what I'm looking for. It displays the secondary group icons in an unorganized order, and displays them underneath the information. Thanks for recommending it to me though. I'm trying to display all the group icons in the original location under the group name and above the reputation count.
  4. How would I edit the theme to include the secondary group icons?
  5. Hello! I'm trying to assign users to multiple(2+) groups and show all the group icons the user is associated with on their posts. Currently, I can only assign users to a primary and secondary group, and the only group icon that will show is the primary group. Let me know if you can help me out with this problem, thanks.
  6. Okay, that worked, but now our widget showing who's online is broken
  7. Hey guys. So on IP Board, we have been working on designing our own badges. One thing we noticed is it is redundant now as we have the role Administrator, with the badge saying administrator under it. How would we go about removing Administrator the role name from view so that the badges alone display user roles?
  8. Hey everyone. So I have added certain user groups. One thing I did was add a developer role, and I wanted to give them backend access. How do I accomplish this?
  9. Hey everyone. So I'm creating a megathread and I'm trying to paste multiple YouTube links without them embedding but still want them to be clickable. Whats the easiest way to go about this?
  10. Aah I see, I had to manually add the remove formatting button from my ACP Really annoying that this isn't a default setting...
  11. When certain users copy paste content, theres an ugly white background highlight Im seeing How can I get rid of this, I dont see this in the editing bar anywhere?
  12. and what is the proper format to find forum ID? Do I have to manually upload font-awesome somewhere? or is it pre-installed?
  13. Id like to add Font Awesome icons to my forums like this: http://i.imgur.com/XVNSJey.png How could I achieve this?
  14. Id like to add Font Awesome icons to my forums like this: http://i.imgur.com/XVNSJey.png How could I achieve this?
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