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serving horizontal responsive ads at top next to logo?


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Hi, given that IPB4 is focused on 100% responsive design (very excited about this, long time coming for my community) .. I need to ensure all of my advertisers' banners are displayed correctly.  In the past, when I wasn't focused on responsive design (yes I'm a slow adapter, I know) ... I simply created a table at the top header .. putting the logo on one side, and the horizontal banner next to it.  But now with responsive, how do you create a responsive horizontal banner next to your logo at the top .. so it doesnt interfere with the userlinks bar in the upper right corner?

Has anyone been able to accomplish this?


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I have been trying to do the same. I can get the ad to display in the header but I cant get it ti center vertically or center horizontally. Looking for a way to effectively do this with CSS but anything I apply causes the ad to display under the logo. Still pluggin away at this but would love to hear some ideas or known working examples.

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