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Looking for a way/plugin to feature articles on main page?


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So I would like a way to feature articles & blogs that people write for the website.  I want them to write/post them under their profile, but I will feature them on the website vs having them give me the article & I post it under the main website login.

I know there is a block that creates an article & blog feed, but I wanted to something a little nicer/fancier for featured articles/blogs with some pictures, small description & link vs just a basic link like the article & blog feeds blocks produce - which I use, but again trying to for something better and more visual.

Can someone suggest a plugin that will do this in any way besides the WYSIWYG block?  Or at least have a scrolling photo block that I can add to a WYSIWYG block to make my own featured section with pictures, a small description & then link to the article/blog.

I hope this all makes sense.

Also if they decide to delete their profile what happens to all of the articles & blogs that they wrote for the website?  I will probably be paying a lot of these writers for their articles and have paperwork for them to sign over their rights to that piece of particular work

But if they delete their profile, do I lose all of their work?

If so, is there any way around this besides posting all articles/blogs which I pay for under my master user profile?



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