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Pinning/Featuring Plugin Request

David Thomson

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I will lay out the ideal plugin as i see it. I am open to suggestions.  I will leave it up to you to say what you could do within the time frame.  I need something in place by 18th September.

 The objective is to create a system for members to create an magazine.  At the moment i think the best way to do this is from articles submitted to the database (automatically creating a thread in the forum) or just written into the forum as a new thread.  Again - I am open to alternative ideas which do the same thing.


A member can use a button to pin a thread.  It doesn’t automatically get pinned, but by hitting the button they have used up their ‘like’ so to speak.  Just like the ‘like’ button, they can only use it once per item and but they can later remove their vote, (as in unlike). The total votes a thread has is shown.

So far easy enough I think.

The threads with the most votes get pinned automatically.  Admin decide how many threads will get pinned via the adminCCP, the plugin selects the threads that have the most votes and pins them.

This system preferably will be separate from admins normal ability to pin a thread.  i.e.  if 10 threads have been pinned buy the plugin, admin should still have the ability to pin something above them, like rules or sticky threads or whatever.

Additionally, within the thread, members should be able to give comments an additional type of ‘like’, a little star signifying their request to feature the comment.  Again, these should be counted and the tally shown next to the symbol.  Again, separate from the existing like/reputation system.

Please send me your thoughts/ideas/quotes 

Many thanks



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