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Results Appearing in Search from Hidden Forums


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This is something I have been aware since IPS 3.4.7   I was told that some information was appearing in search and it shouldn't. It was hard for me to test it since users don't normally give you much info, they don't know how the ended up getting those results.
Today a user sent me a few clues of what she was seeing, and was very upset because she thought that content had been deleted. In fact, the content was not deleted, just moved to a forum hidden from users, search and moderators. 

According to what she showed me, this is what I found out.

I created a Test Topic, with the word "Test" in the Topic Name. I created that topic in a forum where only the Admin has permissions, nobody else not even moderators.
 Then I added a tag nobody else is using "bazinga4you" in my community.  When I search for 2 criterias o parameters : name & tag, not only I get the topic with with the word "Test", but also the topics in forums where the "guest" users doesn't have any permissions. 

These screenshots were taken with the user "guest"






Now imagine when people use "common" tags. It's easy to understand how they ended up seeing results that shouldn't be there.

Am I doing something wrong ? or do you think this is a bug ?  Is there any way to prevent this from happening ?




PD; of course they see  the results, but they can't access the information. However, they can read the first lines of the topic.



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