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New Member Notifications for Admins and Moderators


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This sounds like something you'll be able to achieve with the rules application, from what I've heard: https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7368-automation-rules-lite/

But there is also actually a default setting that can send notifications about new members to the email defined as your incoming email address. You can find this setting in Admin CP -> Members -> Member Settings -> Registration -> Notify on new registrations?

Which may also suit your needs.

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Thanks TSP, the generic way you mentioned through ACP does not seem like it would work, it would only send an email to one admin, me.

But the Rule App, looks like it could work!

And another but, I think this is a must for IP! It seems there needs to be a way for mods and admins to all know via email when a new member joins, I am surprised a way is not available, yet. Thanks for your input!

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