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Login Popup Issue


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I have an intermittent issue on my site in that if someone tries to login using the login popup menu, instead of being loved in they seem to be redirected to the main login screen and have to repeat the process.  It happens to me sometimes so I know it isn't a username and password issue but I can't think what it might be.

Has anyone else come across this please?

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18 hours ago, Edward Shephard said:

It seems to be that the popup login is actually logging people in okay, it is just that having done so it is redirecting them to the main login page rather than the homepage.

Yes, I'm not sure if that's the issue with all the cases I've seen however. 

I've tried to report to them that the login page should redirect people to the main index if they're already logged in, to avoid any confusion coming up as a result of accidentally ending up at the page when you're logged in, but they seem to treat it as a feature. Not sure the reasoning behind it. 

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