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Omri Amos

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Since announcements with group permissions is not going to happen, I'm looking for a different way to encourage my guests to sign up / actually make them understand that they need to sign up in order to post replies / new topics.

Right now when a guest is viewing the forum, he does not have any "new topic" / "post reply" buttons - at all!
If he wants to ask a question, he needs to realize by himself - with no help at all from our side - that he needs to first sign up.
This is causing our participation rate to be much lower than it could be, simply because guests don't see any button that will encourage them to participate.


Best solution IMO would be to show them the "new topic" / "post reply" buttons anyway - and then instead of giving them a terrible error message (urgh!) it will just redirect them to the login/signup page.

Second best solution would be to show only guests a message that will actually just EXPLAIN THIS to them. However announcements with group permissions are not going to happen to this is a dead-end.


Any help?


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