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How to show/hide forums without using Group Permissions ?


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I have a small community of people that exchange information about services in one area of my country. Only one area, not the whole country.  
I've been approached by a company interested in using my community, but they want me to provide information for the whole country, instead of one region. I don't want to have 30 forums on the main webpage, so I'm seeking some advice. I just want to be sure that visitors and users have access easy and fast to their area and they do not get distracted by other areas.

What I need is a way to hide and show forums easily without using group permissions.

The most logical and easy way for users and customers would be that they had some kind of combo box where they select their living area when they access the website. For example, a combo with different estates: "New York", "California", "Ohio".  ( it's just an example to make things easy to understand) So if they live in New York state, they should select "New York" and have access to the forum with content of services for New York.  If they live in California, they select "California" and they get access to the california forums.

Some forums would be common( for example the community guidelines), but every state would have their own forum. If a guest user visits the website, the website would ask which "state" he is interested in and would display all the states available in a combo box. After selecting the state, for example "California", the guest would see the California Forum plus all forums available to the guest group. If a user registers on the website, he should have a estate by default, but he should be able to see other states too. The only difference is that the system would never ask him, the system would show him the forum he has registered.

I know I could set permissions for groups, but the permissions for groups do not work exactly how I want, because imagine that one user lives in California, but wants to visit New York next month and needs information of services in New York. Group permissions might prevent him from having access to that information. 

Sorry for the extended explanation, I didn't know how to make it shorter. 


All in all, can someone think of a possible solution for this without a custom work ? Is there a hook or something that I have not seen or a hook that can be used in some way to achieve the same result ?
IF someone has an idea of how to do something like this without a custom work, help would be appreciated. :sweat:

I'm using 3.4.7 now, but if I have to upgrade to 4.x  ... definitely  I will do it for this.






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42 minutes ago, BomAle said:

see this app

try to contact @Mike John and expose your question to him, i think this request could improve the app ?

a solution could be to build a menu with each "custom predefined home"  in way to choose what a single option

Thank you very much.

I just did this and suggested it in his support page.  In fact, @Mike John has already made 3 custom works for my website. So I know he is a very professional & reliable programmer.

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