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Where is this "Share on facebook" checkbox???


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So I'm setting up social login handlers.  To do this I've been carefully following this guide: 

Facebook - Social Sign In

I want to enable "Users can share immediately when posting?" and so I read on and get to step 3 in this process which says:


If you are enabling the "Users can share immediately when posting?" setting, you need to perform this action so that Facebook knows it works correctly. Submit a topic or other content on your community and when you do so, check the "Share on Facebook" checkbox.

Along with that is an attached image showing what this checkbox looks like and where it is located:


This is where the problem starts... it's not there!  I've gone through this step by step over and over, checked my sharing settings and permissions and it's all set as it should be but no checkbox?

Without this I can't submit for review as I can't provide the pictures they need or the video.  This is very frustrating so any help, obvious or not please enlighten me if you are able.

I'm using 4.1.11 of the community software.

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It started showing up today.  I wish I could give a definitive answer as to why but I can't.  It just showed up all of a sudden. I'm thinking maybe the app itself needed time to process completely?  Try checking again in the morning or after a few hours.

in the meantime it would be nice if someone could explain the wait and what's going on here because otherwise it can be quite frustrating doing each step as directed to not see what you should be according to a given set of instructions. 

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