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How can I recreate the Guides section?

Hunter Lyons

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This is the entire content of that guide


Several users have asked us to share the templates we used to create our Guides section, and we're happy to do so.

We took a slightly unusual approach for this database, in that each guide is actually a subcategory, and each step is a record within that subcategory. Our templates then make them look like individual steps of one record. We do it this way because it's easier than trying to make a single record appear as several distinct steps, it means each step can appear as an individual search result, and it also means we can write new draft steps without affecting other (viewable) steps in each guide (and then just publish the drafts when ready).

Note: this isn't a tutorial on building the Guides section, so if you aren't already familiar enough with Pages to use these templates, we recommend you start with our other tutorials first.

But note that it was written in December and our guides section has undergone a lot of updates since then, so some or all of this info may be out of date now.

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