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Subscriptions Package and PCI compliance


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My site has a Nexus Subscriptions Package to enable members to post items for sale.   At present the only option offered is to pay by card, yet my site is NOT httpS. 

As I have a Paypal Website Payments Pro for another business, I would like to give customers the option to pay ONLY via Paypal. In this way I can give greater confidence to prospective Subscriptions Package purchasers AND satisfy recent requirements by PCI.

Can anyone please advise me as to what settings I need to adjust in the Admin Panel to enable the above.

Thanks in anticipation.



EDITED   I think I've solved it by myself now :rolleyes:

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Seems the solution lies in -

Other Apps - Nexus - Store Settings - Payment Gateways

My setting was for "PayPal (Website Payments Pro)"  which gave the customer the sole option to pay by card giving the details to my non-httpS website. Probably not PCI compliant.

I experimented and found the correct setting should be "PayPal (Website Payments Standard)"  which now takes customers to Paypal's own secure site where they can pay either by Paypal or by card.  I've yet to have confirmed that this now makes me PCI compliant, but it probably does.

Hope this clarifies.

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