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  1. Profile Field Per User Group

    We've upgraded to v4.1.18.2 two weeks ago and today installed this great add-on, which works perfectly. Before today we had First Name and Surname fields which were visible to new registrations. If they weren't properly filled in, then the registration was manually rejected. Seems that First Name and Surname fields are no longer visible when registering. Is there a way to re-instate this ? Thanks Mike
  2. Profile Field Per User Group

    Great add-on, works well with v4.1.18.2 Means logged in users can view other users real names, making for a friendlier Forum and deterring trolls.
  3. New Content - Chose which forums

    I had the desirable feature (v3.4.7) of not allowing a particular sub forum to be shown in the old "View new posts" feature. We have just upgraded to v4.1.18.2 Can anyone please advise on how to block a sub forum from the new version's "Unread Content" feature. Thanks in advance Mike
  4. Subscriptions Manager

    Have ftp’d from Downloaded from this webpage to my Server: Subscriptions Manageruploadadminapplications_addonothersubscriptions to /public_html/admin/applications_addon/other/subscriptions and Subscriptions Manageruploadpublicjsips.subscriptions to /public_html/jscripts and Subscriptions Manageruploadpublicstyle_imagesmastersubscriptions to /public_html/style_images/subscriptions My Forum recognises the Addin and Modules but if I try to access them I get the following message “There appears to be an error with the database” etc Have I ftp’d things to the wrong place? Should I be doing more ftp’ing? Using Invision v3.3.1 and Subscriptions Manager 1.2.1 Download as from the Big Green Button above thanks
  5. I have members asking for this, some quite irate about it.