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  1. V4.2.7 Hi, Is there a simple "How to post pictures on the Forum" advice I can paste into a forum query received Thanks Mike
  2. V4.1.19 I've recently had installed V4.1.19 and also the useful add-on which displays users real names against all their posts. But I've now lost the registration requirement for people to supply their real names. This was useful in detecting spammers, and longer term to have newer members' real names included against all their posts. Is there any way to re-instate this? Thanks in advance
  3. We've upgraded to v4.1.18.2 two weeks ago and today installed this great add-on, which works perfectly. Before today we had First Name and Surname fields which were visible to new registrations. If they weren't properly filled in, then the registration was manually rejected. Seems that First Name and Surname fields are no longer visible when registering. Is there a way to re-instate this ? Thanks Mike
    Great add-on, works well with v4.1.18.2 Means logged in users can view other users real names, making for a friendlier Forum and deterring trolls.
  4. I've now done this by logging into my own Admin account and I can no longer see the specified sub-forum in my "unread content" But logging into another users account, he can see all content as before. I need to exclude a specified sub-forum from the default "unread content" of ALL users.
  5. I tried this. But it doesn't seem to save the selections. The next press of Unread... is back to all content. Is this a bug? Also, wouldn't this be a per-user setting? We need to modify the site default. Steve
  6. This sounds great news. Can you please give me step-by step instructions of what to do in ACP to achieve this? Thanks Mike
  7. I want the "unread content" feature to appear to all groups, but "unread content" to exclude a specified sub-forum. The specified sub-forum should remain accessible via the forum's home page. Hope this clarifies.
  8. Yes, it's accessible from the home page. I wish to avoid it's appearance in the "unread content" that most users navigate by.
  9. Sorry, what I meant was is there a function in ACP to enforce the exclusion of one particular sub forum in "unread content" to all viewers. There's one particular sub forum which I don't want to appear each time ANY user goes to "unread content" Thanks
  10. I had the desirable feature (v3.4.7) of not allowing a particular sub forum to be shown in the old "View new posts" . We have just upgraded to v4.1.18.2 Can anyone please advise on how to block from view a particular sub forum in the new version's "Unread Content" feature. Thanks in advance Mike
  11. I had the desirable feature (v3.4.7) of not allowing a particular sub forum to be shown in the old "View new posts" feature. We have just upgraded to v4.1.18.2 Can anyone please advise on how to block a sub forum from the new version's "Unread Content" feature. Thanks in advance Mike
  12. We have heard about some serious security flaws on systems that use Imagemagick: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/05/04/imagemagick_exploits_in_the_wild/ Is this a problem for Invision Power Board users? Does Invision use Imagemagick? If so, what is being done? Thanks in advance Mike Version: IP.Board 3.4.7
  13. I've a Paypal account associated with a long standing eBay business, and have recently set up Nexus subscriptions for my forum. Each have a separate email address to receive payments within my main Paypal account. When a Forum subscription customer receives his card statement, it refers to the main non-forum business. This has occasionally caused a chargeback from Paypal because customers don't recognise the payment. I need my two businesses to remain separate. Is there a setting within the Admin Panel that gives a description of "Forum Subscription Package" on the customer's card statement to avoid confusion? Thanks in advance Mike
  14. Seems the solution lies in - Other Apps - Nexus - Store Settings - Payment Gateways My setting was for "PayPal (Website Payments Pro)" which gave the customer the sole option to pay by card giving the details to my non-httpS website. Probably not PCI compliant. I experimented and found the correct setting should be "PayPal (Website Payments Standard)" which now takes customers to Paypal's own secure site where they can pay either by Paypal or by card. I've yet to have confirmed that this now makes me PCI compliant, but it probably does. Hope this clarifies.
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