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IPv6 Block address with Ban filter


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I had one guy that created around 5 accounts and spamming the hell at me and my community. I have merged all accounts into one and added *@yopmail.com into the ban filter.

I want to able to block his IP address that is IPv6, It's very long.

Also if I added the name of "wacky" into the ban filter then if an user makes a account and name it wacky12 for an example! will it get blocked or they get approved?  

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I had issues with  couple of members and no matter what I did they would just make a new email address and get a new ip address.

Here is what I did. I made a new group for them and made forums which only they have permissions for and let them go to town on that. They got bored and eventually faded away.

Every member that gives me grief I just throw them into that group.




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