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So as I theme and edit my sites theme and things like that I have found that there is something I'm in need of but must do manually which I think would be awesome to allow for some automation.

I would like to be able to have a button when viewing/editing a template within a theme to "copy to other theme". Now this means something different then the standard child/parent relationship, I'm talking about editing a custom theme item (like for my statuses) adding a link to a activity stream. After I made that change, my primary and most important skin now has this change but all of my other skins do not.

I think it can be implemented in a few ways to prevent overwriting of custom template bits on other themes:

  • Allow the user to choose the themes to copy the template changes to.
  • Warn the user that they are going to overwrite a modified template.
  • Show the comparison like when you update a new theme.

I think this could help us themers in more quickly duplicating our template changes across multiple theme especially after updates.

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