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Make ip bans affect guests! not just on registration?


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Right now i see the current system as a weakness of ips! ip bans only work for registration or members with that ip etc. I do not think this is a hard fix to make. It seems pretty easy to be honest. But i would love to see ip bans affect guests. Reason being i really really really want to open up guest posting. Which is an area that anyone on ips should just refuse to use FOREVER in its current state. Why? because if you run a website and you can be active 8 hours a day. the other 16 hours the guests can do what they want and you as an admin cannot ban them from your site? does that not sound strange? admins need control over this kind of thing. I cannot be on my forum all hours as i work a lot to pay for my forum. And as it is now i need to ban ip's via htaccess and if i am not online. and guest posting in on. Mods cannot do anything about it.

Can we have some changes around this please. As in make the ip bans for members apply to guests too?

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27 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

This is already the case.

Please submit a ticket if you're experiencing any issues with banned IP addresses.

when did this change? because i was told prior to this that ip bans do not affect guests by a staff member?

I will retest and if its an issue i will make a ticket thank you!

Edit: yep tested and now working! i assume this was a bug and it has been fixed.

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